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I’m aware of the Welsh Bacc but that’s all, I’m unaware of the different levels it carries or the “status” weighting. I’m 37 years old and like to think I’m fully aware of the awards and gradings that I took and had options of taking growing up, but I’ll admit, I’m not fully up to date of newer awards. However, that doesn’t mean to say that I would disregard any award.

For example, I recently had a job advert for a delivery driver, I had 800+ applicants. As a test, I searched the applications for the term “Welsh Baccalaureate” in my email, a handful appeared. Looking at one, it says:

Education and Qualifications:

Level 3 Public Services Diploma - Pass/Pass

Level 3 Welsh Baccalaureate - Pass

GCSE Maths - C

GCSE English - C

BTEC Level 2 in Science - Pass

GCSE Photography - C

Level 2 Welsh Baccalaureate - Pass

To me, in this instance, it just blends in, especially when sat next to core GCSE subjects and their relevant grades.

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