Ringfenced budgets for mental health and social services

As a person working in mental health it is clear to me that the mental health services where I work and anecdotally in the rest of Wales have reached if not passed breaking point.

Ideas, plans, intentions, reports and fancy speaches do not chnage a thing only mony trageted and applied to 

Patients in North Wales living in rural areas dependent upon benefits, benefits that are ever being cut have little or no chance of access to or the help of their CMHT let alone any meaningful counselling service.

Both the patient and the service providers suffer cuts almost in tandem, one cannot offer a full service while the other possibly cannot afford to access the service on offer.

I am aware that as the economy becomes ever more stretched, the cost on the mental health and social wellbeing of the good people of Wales is being stretched.

If we cannot and do not have the will to support our people our neighbours who suffer that stretch they will surely break.  The same is as true of the Mental Health Service as it is of Social Services.

It is all very well having a myriad of signposting services but what use a sing post when the road you are on leads to nowhere, when there is no longer a fully funded service, a fully funded safety net.

Mental Health and Social Care may not be politically sexy but both exit as part of a mature, civilised and caring society.  To protect, to support and to help children, vulnerable adults, the elderly and to assist and treat people, people who often are afraid of being exposed, exposed as being unwell of having am mental health illness.

Ideas, plans, good intentions, reports and fancy speeches do not change a thing only money targeted and applied to definite arears of need work and in so doing change lives forever and for the better.  If for no other reason let this idea have some thought because when one person in Wales feels let down, left behind or lost, we all suffer.

Diolch, William

Why the contribution is important

Working as I do as a counsellor in a GP practice, I see and I know the pressure that the CMHT’s are under.  I see first-hand the effect that pressure has upon my client group.  And again, I know the pressure that Social services are under, and again I witness the effects in my work.

Mental Health is not purely about treatment, it is also about education, it is about understanding and not only an understanding about my illness but about my need to recover and how I need to feel free to go about that recovery.

It is not only I, the patient that needs understanding it is also you, society that needs that understanding.

For example, when you see me out exercising it is not necessarily a sign that I am well, rather it is a sing that I am working towards my wellness.  And yet I do not gout and exercise because I am afraid that you (my boss, my manager, my next-door neighbour etc.), will label me as well and therefore a fraud and scrounger or thief.

In the USA if you are seeing a counsellor it is assumed you are on the road to recovery, in the UK if you are seeing a Counsellor it is assumed that you are unwell.

We need a ring-fenced budget for Mental Health and Social services to protect the vulnerable, after all today, you and I may not be that person but tomorrow you or I # may well be that person in need.

Diolch, William

by prof_william on October 28, 2016 at 01:18PM

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