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I am the owner of a small flat in Welshpool, which I let. When I first bought the flat, the estate agent, who handled the sale, also managed the letting. I thought that they carged the tenant too much rent, and too much in fees. Whe the first tenants left, I carries on managing the renting myself. I dropped the rent to what I thought the property was worth, I get the tenancy agreements, and bank SO forms off the internet, they don't cost me anything. 

I welcome the plan to abolish fees for tenants, and it wouldn't cost me anything either.

I would also welcome any plans to abolish Section 21 altogether. I haven't come across any landlords yet, who are in favour of this, only tenants. Are all landlords in favour of a regulation that allowes a landlord to evict a tenant on a whim? If not, let's speak out together, and allow tenants a bit more security. The pay off may well be that they look after our properties better. 

Why the contribution is important

In the UK a lot of tenants have many costs, and very little security, which means that there is little incentive for them to spend time and money on improving their home, and they won't feel safe there. They haven't got anywhere else to feel safe either, and seem to be seen as a social underclass by many landlords.


by irisgordijn on August 29, 2018 at 01:03PM

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