Stop All Agency Fee's

Agency fee's are not acceptable and landlords should be paying for the costs of finding tenants. Paying a fee does not guarantee that the the property will be allocated to the individual and can result in people loosing money. This can result in people then not having the money to pay for another property.

It is pure business and results on those on limited budgets to afford to secure private rented properties. The PRS is for most people now the only option to access accommodation. Where you have people on £70 a week benefits where are they expected to get the agency fee's from?

Some LA will assist but this can be a challenge. On a personal level a agency once tried to take agency fee's off me but told me after challenging them that I wouldnt be awarded the property due to having a CCJ. This is extreamly bad practice.


I think agency fee's should be paid by the landlords. This will also promote landlords to try and keep tenants and not just change tenants every 6 months to try and get more rent. It will also stop agencies promoting changing tenants as they will want to keep londlords happy and not make money on agency fee's.


Why the contribution is important

To all access to all to the PRS sector as LA housing and HA are very limited.

by GGriffiths on September 05, 2018 at 11:02AM

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