Rogue letting agents

I remember when I was a student, living in a HMO in Cathays, Cardiff. When it came to moving out of our rented house at the end of our third year, our letting agent tried to charge us £50 for the removal of a mirror. That mirror wasn't listed on our inventory, and in fact actually belonged to one of my housemates. We even managed to find photos from our previous house (from second year) where the same mirror could be seen in the background.

We disputed this from DPS but the process took too long and some of my housemates needed their money back sooner rather than later. We ended up accepting the £50 off our bond just so that we could get the rest of the bond back.

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Because letting agents are in a position of relative power compared to tenants who just need their money back. They're able to make deductions from bonds and tenants who need their money back will essentially be forced to accept the deductions in order to get their bond back.

by caerdydd on July 30, 2018 at 03:33PM

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  • Posted by Dyfnwal August 17, 2018 at 00:09

    Where letting agents falsely or mistakenly charge for items not on the original inventory list, should not the DPS refer the matter to the Police. The possibility of a criminal prosecution would sharpen minds considerably.
  • Posted by letdownwales August 24, 2018 at 11:25

    It's not up to the police to fix the rental market... the Deposit Protection schemes should be able to rectify ths quickly (after all, it's for reasons like this they were set up). But it's so common for renters to accept a 'hit' so they can get the money back as soon as possible, even if it's not the full amount. Which is completely understandable because it's usually a lot of money (when you're already out of pocket for a deposit on the next place) and disputing it often causes more aggro on top of a stressful move.

    This sort of story is super common with renters talking on Twitter with #ThatTimeMyLettingAgent... it seems to be an aim for most bad agents to try and get something off it.
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