Rights for UK Tenants NOW!

To my knowledge all the changes made to the rental sector in the past few years only made matters worse! The only thing those changes created was more revenue for governments and letting agents! As a rule the best landlords manage their properties themselves and are often very proud of them and of their tenants (what I call independent landlords). A close bond between landlord and tenant would make it possible for landlords to know who lives in their house without the need to photograph and inspect it 4 times a year, without references which often mean nothing at all but sometimes have to go back 5 years and are quite humiliating and demeaning for law abiding citizens, and there would be dialogue. Agents discourage all dialogue, creating a lot of resentment between L and T (landlords and tenants). Having to hire an agency also contributed to make rents more expensive and as we often saw they didn't contribute at all to better the rights of L or T. Agencies are soulless, they only care about their own profits. A L is keen to keep good tenants, most agencies don't care if there is a constant turnover, making life more difficult for L and T alike.


- A T should not pay anything to an agent since they are not their clients and receive no protection, something many T find the hard way! You would think that if you pay around £400, sometimes twice a year, you would at least have some protection but that is oddly enough not the case. If that money is meant to be for contracts and referencing, then make contracts simple and abolish referencing, because adults should be responsible for their actions, not third parties.


- Like there is a need for T to disclose their past L for referencing there should be a disclosure of bad L and properties


- A T has to pay a bond, which can be in the hands of the agency or L for years. This is outrageous but then so should a L. There should be money somewhere which will pay for any maintenance the L doesn't wish to do. Anyway, if the justice system worked there would be no need for a bond because matters would swiftly and cheaply dealt with!


- There is already a website where one can register houses, agents and L but it is a private one, why?


- Right now there are houses, even expensive ones, where the rents rise ever higher, with no concern at all for maintenance. If you sell a house the price goes down the more rundown a house is, if you let a house the price goes up no matter what. Inventories are also a waste of money but created a lot of revenues. They don't flag the shortcomings of a house, they only say that the house may be in a bad state of disrepair but so what? Leave it the same way when you leave. Crazy!!!! Refreshing a rental property should be a question of maintenance, not decoration. If not done and the house looks bad the rent should be lower. Right now there are no standards for how a house should be presented, as far as maintenance (also painting) and cleanness.


- A contract should only be signed after the house is seen empty and all the work that needs doing is agreed, not when a house is seen full of furniture and the new T has no idea what it will look like when he moves in.


- Unfortunately there is the need for house viewings to be recorded as right now T are shamelessly lied to!


- Access to justice should be for all, not only for those with money. Agencies and L know that there is not much most T can do and this perpetuates this culture of terror and disrespect against one section of society. Many solicitors won't even defend T and it is know, at least in Wales, that many judges won't rule in favour of T, especially older judges. No win no fee solicitors only work for L. The Small Claims Court is far too expensive for most T and all the organizations which would seem to be there to help T don't work. There are also companies which specialize in getting rid of bad tenants (maybe just tenants who dared to raise their voices and demand their rights?) but no company represents T.


- If a L comes across a bad T then there should be ways to swiftly solve the problem. That would pass a message to other bad tenants that there is no way they will get away with it.


- No S21 should be allowed in case of Revenge Evictions. Right now people are being badly punished, losing their home, because the demanded their rights. This has no place in a 21st century, so-called civilized country!!!! We were evicted from our last property and live now in fear of losing this one too!


- Most politicians have no clue of what is going on, don't care or have vested interests, who is the Rental Sector ever going to change?

- No one should have to pay the full contract up front! That leaves T with no way to force a solution for their problems and T are not made of money either!!! No company pays anyone 1 year salary up front, for example! When a T has put money on the table for extortionate agency fees, full contract rent up front and around 1 month in bond he really has to be rich indeed in order to be able to rent a house in the UK

Why the contribution is important

My views are very important because I have become an expert, having rented three houses with huge problems, which wrecked my life and my health. I paid a lot of money for my own misery! Tenants like me are often indeed experts, after having been put through the mills and are the people who know the most about the sector. Governments should also be confronted with the victims, who, one at a time, would tell them about the horrors they have been put through, which start with the uncertainty but go on with humiliation, very high costs, lack of rights, the shock that is receiving the S21, not being seen as a valued member of society, etc. In the UK, many minorities have managed see justice done. Still, Tenants are a forgotten group, mainly due to greed, self-interest from groups like politicians (who are often landlords), agents and landlords. What we tend to forget is that all the groups who now see their rights respected lose them all when they become tenants. And tenants are not just the poor (not that they don't deserve the same rights)… you can pay a lot of money indeed for your own nightmare! I believe that there should be a right to compensation for all those Tenants who have seen their lives and health wrecked by such practices, like it exists in other countries. This would stop the same happening in the future, as well as the need not to take years to change situations that so badly affect human lives! Maybe going abroad and looking closely how the sector works there would help? And it is the government who should compensate victims of Tenancy Nightmares, not only agencies and Landlords, as governments allowed it all to happen with impunity for many years! Many other groups have received compensation for their suffering and so should tenants. A T bad experiences can be life shattering!

by FranciscaRigaud on August 24, 2018 at 04:49PM

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