Re-introduce Fair Rents

The barriers to obtaining private rented sector housing are difficult costly and sometimes prohibitive and this issue is certainly one that needs addressing.

The second great barrier is the financial ability to afford private sector rents. As things stand, private sector rents can easily consume half or even more of the average weekly/monthly wage. The re-introduction of a fair rents act would act as a barrier to landlords charging unaffordable rents and allow those on low wages to escape the poverty created by landlord greed.

Why the contribution is important

I believe my idea is important because the housing situation is at crisis point. It is admirable that the Welsh Government are considering changing the means by which access to private sector housing can be more easily accessed. However, once secured, the high cost of private sector housing directly leads to poverty for those on low incomes and/or on benefits which are "capped" by local authorities at a rate often far below the rents charged by private landlords.

by Heather on September 10, 2018 at 03:14PM

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