Pressure on tenants

Fees are too high and not justifiable. The market in Cardiff means that tenants often accept and pay them because they are desperate. 

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by TenantinCardiff on July 12, 2018 at 04:22PM

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  • Posted by MiaRhiannon July 31, 2018 at 10:27

    I agree that tenants feel a pressure to just pay fees and not question them as they are too worried about the consequences if they do - including being told to leave.
    I appreciate that if fees are banned then this will likely lead to a rise in rents however, in my opinion that would be more manageable. I know how much my rent is going to be each month and I plan and budget around that. I also know that if I was told to leave (due to the landlord wanting to sell the house for example) I would need a first months rent and deposit up front. It is a challenge but I also try and plan for this as well.
    However, because frees are so varied and spring up and all sorts of times, often with little to no warning they are very difficult to prepare for.
    That being said landlords often put rent up and the cost of certain fees up each year or six months as it is, so if the costs were to rise even more then this could be a real concern for a lot of people.
    Mia, Cardiff
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