No Agency Fees for Tennant's

The lettings agencies charge both tenant's and landlords, when really they're only answerable to the landlord. 

As a tenant, simply looking for a good place to live. I don't usually look into the agency fees of companies as I had previously assumed they're all in the same ball park. However in my last move the place we wanted to rent was perfect for us, but when it came to the referencing it was £250 more than I had ever paid before! I was shocked and called the agency up on it, but they said it was their national rate, most likely the London rate used everywhere! 


As a tenant I understand that referencing needs to be done, but it's for the landlords piece of mind, not us as tenants. So those who are benefiting from the work being done should pay for it. 

I've never been a landlord, but I assume they pay letting agents as well, so I do believe that they are charging these rates simply because they can. 



Why the contribution is important

The cost of living is high already. 

For anyone trying to start renting in the private sector needs to have 3 amounts of money ready to pay before they've even moved in, the deposit, 1 months rent and agency fees. 

The last time I moved that was roughly 3 times one month's rent, which is a lot of money! And because I was moving from 1 rented property to another my previous deposit wasn't returned until a month into my new tenancy which is normal, but that again it is a lot of money to not have during the time of moving. 


If you want to help people to start privately renting, putting a cap on or removing agency fees would be a step in the right direction.

by AMiddlemiss on September 03, 2018 at 03:36PM

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