more secure/longer tenancies

 I work in a homeless hostel in Swansea where I have worked for the last five years and worked in one in Cardiff for ten years.

The barriers we find to homeless people accessing private rented are-

-not secure/long enough tenancies- if someone currently has/previously had support issues plus families etc need longer term secure and stable accommodation. They will understandably not want to have to move out of a hostel for example into a property and the landlord decides to sell six months later, and they are back at square one again.

-upfront fees- can't afford

-landlords not accepting people on housing benefit

-landlords that do accept housing benefit sometimes being untrustworthy/offering sub standard acomm etc

As workers, we would usually not refer our clinets ito private rented for the above reasons as we would be setting them up to fail.


Why the contribution is important

If private renting was a valid option, we would be able to refer more of our clients into it and thus reduce the strain on social housing and HA properties. As well as reduce the length cleints are living in hosetls and potentially bedblocking and sometimes gaining more support issues due to the chaotic nature of hostel life.

by nicolasimpson on September 04, 2018 at 06:14PM

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