Education is necessary with votes at 16.

Political Education should have very strict guidlines and be compulsory, intergrated into PSE and Welsh Bacc. Current and Non-Bias education should be given about each political part for example there recent manifesto and what they generally stand for as well as different political ideas such as what a Meritocracy is, what Socialism or Democratic Socialism covers. However not just current political party policy and ideas but also how to find out this information yourself and how to cut through the masses of misinformation.

Not only this but how young people can get involved for example via petitions or contacting there local MP/AM. To add the simpler things should not overlooked. It is vital that how to register to vote and how to find out where your local voting station is, is included in this education

Why the contribution is important

I know for a fact that me and my peers have not been educated anywhere close enough to the point were we can make an informed vote. We have not been educated on misinformation, smear campaigns or how to reach a political parties manifesto and understand. If we do not understand this then how are we suppose to use our vote effectively. 

A significant amount of young people in my school particulary do not like to talk about politics or despise it and I believe it is simply because they do not know enough about it. If the majority of people dislike politics because they don't know enough, why would the majority vote at 16?

by WYPMLloydMann on April 30, 2019 at 10:01PM

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