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The Welsh Government has a devolved responsibility for economic development and a vision for prosperity for all.  In developing a future strategy for agriculture the  Senedd must also address the demise of rural communities.

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Although agriculture is the principal driver of agricultural policies and from the ideas posted already stimulated a range of discussions, however, the current European funded Rural Development Programme also includes community engagement and social cohesion. Farming activities underpin rural communities and support extensive supply chains, however,  future strategy should address growing rural poverty, erosion of rural services (which impacts on the agricultural sector too), unemployment and ageing populations.

by BeverleyPold on September 12, 2016 at 10:46PM

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  • Posted by AlexandraCook September 27, 2016 at 09:27

    The countryside use should be changed according to the new realities, to bring money and people back to the land. There should be new, more sustainable farming practices. Better internet will bring in people working remotely. Better public transport will help those who don't drive and bring more tourists. More land should be given back to forests (including forest gardens) and tourism should be encouraged within those. The planing permissions should be relaxed for alternative communities, e.g. eco-villages and any self-built houses. The public footpaths should be improved, or even better, most of the countryside should be open to people, just like in many other developed countries.
  • Posted by LizBickerton October 08, 2016 at 12:39

    The referendum vote provides an opportunity to unravel some of the bureaucracy that stifles the ability of rural communities to innovate and respond to local situations. Top of my to do list would be to tackle procurement regulation and be more creative with re energising local supply chains , not only for food but for the commissioning of local services, regeneration projects as well as the supply of local goods and services into our public sector. My second target, although complex would be to take a hard look at state aid regulations allowing investment into the private sector. Micro and small businesses seem to have been caught out increasingly in this regulation which was surely meant for larger concerns.
    On a wider note there needs to be a holistic approach to the support of rural communities understanding that employment, housing, transport, access to services, culture and the environment are all part of the jigsaw that nurtures resilient and thriving local areas. We desperately need a joined up approach not a series of siloed interventions.
  • Posted by CelynMenai February 23, 2017 at 13:55

    Diolch i chi am rannu eich syniadau a sylwadau!

    Mae eich blaenoriaethau a syniadau yn cael eu defnyddio i helpu’r Pwyllgor i ysgrifennu ei adroddiad ar sut y gallwn ddatblygu egwyddorion sy'n sail i bolisi amaethyddiaeth a datblygu gwledig newydd i Gymru. Am ragor o wybodaeth, plîs cysylltwch â fi ar Mi fyddai’n sicr o ddiweddaru’r tudalennau hyn a’r sgwrs fel mae hyn yn datblygu.

    Mae eich syniadau a’ch blaenoriaethau hefyd wedi bod o gymorth i’r Pwyllgor wrth iddo wahodd sefydliadau a chyrff cynrychioliadol i’r Senedd i roi tystiolaeth ar lafar ar ddyfodol amaeth yng Nghymru.

    O ddiddordeb , mae'r Pwyllgor yn cynnal nifer o ymgynghoriadau newydd ar hyn o bryd. Mae croeso i chi gysylltu yn uniongyrchol, neu ymweld â wefan y Pwyllgor am fanylion pellach:

    Diolch o galon i chi gyd eto!


    Thank you for sharing your idea and comments!

    Your ideas and priorities are now being used to help the Committee write its report on how we can develop principles to underpin a new agriculture and rural development policy for Wales. For more information, please do contact me @ I’ll also make sure to update the pages and this thread to keep you updated as this progresses.

    Your ideas and priorities have also been a great support for the Committee as it invited representative organisations and bodies to come to the Senedd and give oral evidence on the future of agriculture in Wales.

    Of interest, the Committee is also undertaking a number of other inquiries at the moment that may be of interest. You're more than welcome to contact me directly, or visit the Committee's webpage for more information on how to get involved:

    Thank you again for all your contributions!
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