Subsidies and planning.

Farming and agriculture  are not the same. 

Farming could be anything. The word farm means to "Bring in", it could be  solar, wind, oil seeds, cattle, sheep, poultry, horses,dogs,  timber, water, flowers, fruit, vegetables.etc,etc.

Agriculture is food. 

Subsidies should only  be given to hill farmers in agriculture who have to work hard for their money.

The single payment for land is crazy,  the price of land just rocketed. We should go back to the "Makeup"  system  Eveyone wins.  .Payment for solar, wind, ponds, frogs, newts, widlife habitats, is a waste of our money.  Corruption at its best.         Planning.    This is subject that divides the country. Farmers are given permission  for building on  their land.No one else can. A  farmers son is given building permission worth £100,000.  He then retires and planning permission is given again., another  £100,000. He sells the old farmhouse for another £100,000. Anyone else pays £100,000 for thei building plot.  The daughter then has planning as well. They cant lose,.the rest of us have to work for a living.  The CLA i'm afraid only cater for farmers. Consideration should be given and pressure put on the government for builing permission  for other country dwellers, with cetain restrictions.  I'm sure there are non farmers in the CLA office who have to pay full rate for their house/land  .Is that fair?. 



Why the contribution is important

There is no shortage of  land/houses.It is a contrived situation by the powers who control housing. Vested interests. .Not good. My ideas are better ( Let me know if you want to know more).   As for subsidies, the makeup system gave agriculture  farmers incentive to invest for a certain future. It gave consumers stable prices in the shops. Farmers had a good living and contributed to the economy by spending money on equipment etc. . Subsidies for land ownership is crazy,  it made the rich richer  and is no help to those who wanted to enter agriculture.   The food mountains were the result of  the corrupt EU and not the system itself. These ideas are important to equalise the fairness for all. Just think, what other trade is given 4 Billion £££s.for 60% of their living. The public are fair and have no objection to farmers doing well, but we should all be treated faily. Regards.


by flatroofer on September 06, 2016 at 10:09PM

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  • Posted by smallholder September 09, 2016 at 09:49

    It seems illogical to be subsidising unviable old tech businesses at the expense of new tech in a world that has changed beyone recognition since 1945. Farmers should have become more efficient using new technology but many have simply carried on wasting money on the parts of the business which don't make a profit and now the subsidies vansih into the black holes of the bank overdrafts.

    As far as planning is concerened it makes ordinary people who want to build a home of their own watch farmers build mansions in the middle of the countryside despite the fact that they could easily afford to build one within the development boundaries.
  • Posted by AlexandraCook September 27, 2016 at 11:06

    "Subsidies for land ownership is crazy" - difficult to disagree with that. And this[…]/waste-cash-leavers-in-out-land-subsidie
  • Posted by CelynMenai February 23, 2017 at 13:55

    Diolch i chi am rannu eich syniadau a sylwadau!

    Mae eich blaenoriaethau a syniadau yn cael eu defnyddio i helpu’r Pwyllgor i ysgrifennu ei adroddiad ar sut y gallwn ddatblygu egwyddorion sy'n sail i bolisi amaethyddiaeth a datblygu gwledig newydd i Gymru. Am ragor o wybodaeth, plîs cysylltwch â fi ar Mi fyddai’n sicr o ddiweddaru’r tudalennau hyn a’r sgwrs fel mae hyn yn datblygu.

    Mae eich syniadau a’ch blaenoriaethau hefyd wedi bod o gymorth i’r Pwyllgor wrth iddo wahodd sefydliadau a chyrff cynrychioliadol i’r Senedd i roi tystiolaeth ar lafar ar ddyfodol amaeth yng Nghymru.

    O ddiddordeb , mae'r Pwyllgor yn cynnal nifer o ymgynghoriadau newydd ar hyn o bryd. Mae croeso i chi gysylltu yn uniongyrchol, neu ymweld â wefan y Pwyllgor am fanylion pellach:

    Diolch o galon i chi gyd eto!


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    Your ideas and priorities have also been a great support for the Committee as it invited representative organisations and bodies to come to the Senedd and give oral evidence on the future of agriculture in Wales.

    Of interest, the Committee is also undertaking a number of other inquiries at the moment that may be of interest. You're more than welcome to contact me directly, or visit the Committee's webpage for more information on how to get involved:

    Thank you again for all your contributions!
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