Having to travel away from my locality to the clean air, land and waters of Gower and Pembrokeshire coasts l have noticed that tourists have come from far and wide travelling for hours to reach our country and enjoy being on our beaches, in our forestsand on our mountains.

I would like to see more organic farming encouraged.  Industry confined to sites that don't impact communities and Nature ref: the catastrophe of the "White sands of Aberafan" and its natural biodiverse floodplain of riches.

I believe Cymru ought to be freed from the threat and lies of the fracking industry that is seeking a foothold amongst our communities and in our land.


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The land sustains us, we need good food, local food -  not adulterated foods that have travelled the world polluting and full of preservatives etc.

We need clean air- why do our children take asthma pumps to school in industrialised areas such as Port Talbot this is our countrys next generation

We need clean water to remain clean - no pollutants the fracking industry is a proven contaminator of water air and Earth.  Once the water is  it is impossible to clean.

We have the natural resources in Wales to move our energy supply to renewables and our farms to organic.

Its simple we look after our country and our country looks after us and our children and so on to the future generations.

by Eirlys on September 06, 2016 at 11:08AM

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  • Posted by CelynMenai February 23, 2017 at 14:03

    Diolch i chi am rannu eich syniadau a sylwadau!

    Mae eich blaenoriaethau a syniadau yn cael eu defnyddio i helpu’r Pwyllgor i ysgrifennu ei adroddiad ar sut y gallwn ddatblygu egwyddorion sy'n sail i bolisi amaethyddiaeth a datblygu gwledig newydd i Gymru. Am ragor o wybodaeth, plîs cysylltwch â fi ar Mi fyddai’n sicr o ddiweddaru’r tudalennau hyn a’r sgwrs fel mae hyn yn datblygu.

    Mae eich syniadau a’ch blaenoriaethau hefyd wedi bod o gymorth i’r Pwyllgor wrth iddo wahodd sefydliadau a chyrff cynrychioliadol i’r Senedd i roi tystiolaeth ar lafar ar ddyfodol amaeth yng Nghymru.

    O ddiddordeb , mae'r Pwyllgor yn cynnal nifer o ymgynghoriadau newydd ar hyn o bryd. Mae croeso i chi gysylltu yn uniongyrchol, neu ymweld â wefan y Pwyllgor am fanylion pellach:

    Diolch o galon i chi gyd eto!


    Thank you for sharing your idea and comments!

    Your ideas and priorities are now being used to help the Committee write its report on how we can develop principles to underpin a new agriculture and rural development policy for Wales. For more information, please do contact me @ I’ll also make sure to update the pages and this thread to keep you updated as this progresses.

    Your ideas and priorities have also been a great support for the Committee as it invited representative organisations and bodies to come to the Senedd and give oral evidence on the future of agriculture in Wales.

    Of interest, the Committee is also undertaking a number of other inquiries at the moment that may be of interest. You're more than welcome to contact me directly, or visit the Committee's webpage for more information on how to get involved:

    Thank you again for all your contributions!

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