Social inclusion by voting could help reduce recidivism

The punishment of a prison sentence is to be withdrawn from society to protect society in some cases, and rehabilitate offenders in all cases (except for mental health circumstances). 

Rehabilitation almost never occurs in UK prisons and recidivism (re-offending rates) is high. If we would like to have a society with less crime, the first step to rehabilitation must surely be social inclusion of offenders. Those who feel a part of society are less likely to offend. A profound and fundamental way to be included would be to vote. It would make offenders feel a part of society and like they are being listened to. It is for the good of society as much as the offender. 

Why the contribution is important

The ideas of rehabilitation and social inclusion are important because they are good for both society and offenders. To disallow prisoners to vote just tells them they are not a part of society so when they are released, they continue to not be a part of society. Allowing them to vote makes a statement that they are still a part of society even thought they have broken societal rules. 

by DrTilly on January 04, 2019 at 05:12PM

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