Prisoners - Do they deserve the right to vote?

I’d like you to be aware that I’m just 15 years old, and am a recently elected member of the Welsh Youth Parliament.

Prisoners are people, just like you and I. Though I am aware that many of those prisoners have committed unforgivable, disgusting crimes, they do deserve just as much of a voice as you and I do. 

The most democratic solution would be to allow Welsh prisoners to vote in an internal polling booth. As for an address, it’s a matter for discussion amongst authorities - I don’t have a view on this. Regarding 16 and 17 year olds after the voting age is reduced, I believe the same rules should apply to them.

Now, something to consider would be the number of inmates who would actually wish to vote — a research project would prove this. What I’m saying is, we must remember that the majority of prisoners are totally uneducated; some may say that many are incapable of being properly educated. It’s sad, really... that these people are unable to voice their views, therefore I strongly believe that they should be given the right.

Please, feel free to comment your opinions on my post, or ask any questions.

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by MaisyEvans on January 03, 2019 at 08:16PM

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