End Right to Buy

End right to buy. Build council houses, including 1 and 2 bed properties.  

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It's important because council house sales has decimated council stock; we have record levels of homelessness; people forced into expensive private rented sector with no security, often in properties unfit for human habitation; priced out of the housing market, not helped by declining wages, zero hour contracts etc.

by southwalesholly on May 17, 2017 at 09:16PM

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  • Posted by Ross May 19, 2017 at 15:33

    I have fallen foul to the recent suspension of right to buy on Ynys Môn. I had for years spent rime clearing univeristy debt and getting myself and my family in a position to afford the mortgage. Just as i was in a position the local authority suspended the right to buy.
    I was upset as i had been led to believe that it was a right and for different areas of Wales and those tennants to be treated this way was a breach of equal opportunities. It would be good if those tennants under suspension areas to be given the opportunity to buy prior to a change in legislation. Soical housing is a problem is an issue, and has been made worse by the funding Local Authorities have had invested in them. But it also effects my ability to found and raise a family in Wales and an incentive for those children to stay and be members of the community. Property breads roots, something lacking in todays younger generation.
  • Posted by GillClark May 28, 2017 at 21:05

    I sympathise with those who would like to buy their houses but think that it is far more important to retain [and add to] social housing for those who cannot afford to buy houses on the open market. I have never agreed with the Right to Buy and certainly feel that the discounts offered in the past were ridiculous. many people bought their council house and then immediately sold it a great profit.

    Our young people are not in a position to buy houses and so we must make provision to keep rural and suburban communities alive by offering social housing.

    The Right to Buy should be abolished in Wales.
  • Posted by Yderi May 29, 2017 at 08:42

    While I sympathise with those, including one contributor above, the Right to Buy was a terrible policy. Half the policy, namely the spending of the revenue to build new stock was never effectively carried out.
    Citizens should have a choice. There should be affordable housing available with an option to joint own on a progressive scale, ending in full ownership, or a good stock of affordable rental property as is common in most European countries.
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