Dont abolish the RTB

The RTB needs to be reformed and managed correctly.

RTB is not the reason behind the housing shortage...the fact of the matter is that there is not enough houses being built to meet demand...focus should be on building more homes instead of changing policies!

Targets for house building are not being met and this should be the focus of the housing shortage in Wales.

12 months is more than enough notice for individuals to excise their rights, but i dont think its right that new properties are included in the RTB new properties should be protected.

Notifying tenants about the abolition if it comes into place, should be in letter format addressed to the tenant. Social media, websites, magazines etc.. have been mentioned, like ourselves we dont bother with the nonsesne of social media and know lots of people that dont use it either. After all you are notifying tenants of a change in a statory right within their tenancy and that should be in letter format, another option is have the housing officer to liase with tenants if they are aware of tenants having issues with opening/understanding mail etc.

ALL tenants should have the 12 month grace period/window of opportunity, including those under suspension...after all, these areas who had supposedly carried out consultaions were consulting tenants on "suspension" not "abolition" 

Why the contribution is important

There are many tenants in Swansea that were unaware of the current suspension due to the local authority’s insufficient duty to consult tenants about the change in a statutory right. A lot of tenants in Swansea have been told in the previous 2 years that the suspension was only a temporary measure and that they would get the chance to purchase once the suspension ended. If the ARTB is passed then people who like ourselves will lose the opportunity to purchase the house they have made a home.


Reform...dont abolish!

by geeandjake on May 17, 2017 at 10:38AM

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  • Posted by Ross May 19, 2017 at 15:41

    This is true on Ynys Môn also. I was planning on buying. But just as i was in a position was inforned of a suspension. Making a home in Wales is simply to expensive without support. Rather than making difficult for local families who want to found a home and raise their children in a fantastic country. Remove the right for people to sell local authorities properties to buy to let landlords and prevent people profiteering of the backs of hard working people that just want a home.
  • Posted by geeandjake May 22, 2017 at 14:10

    Hi Ross

    Thanks for your comments...maybe you should also submit an idea and put your points and opinions across in regards to the abolition of the RTB
    Maybe also take a look at this....[…]ights-for-all-welsh-tenants
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