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I’m a single mother in my mid-20s from Carmarthenshire working part-time on a zero hours contract in the care industry for the council. I’ve not had a bad experience as the job does allow me flexibility, which is good in terms of taking care of my daughter. However there are downsides. For example, I’m currently sick and off work, which means I’m not getting paid. I feel as though I have to get back as soon as possible because it’s leaving me in a difficult financial situation.  Childcare is also a huge issue and a drain on finances. I only use a childminder when I really need to but it’s expensive. It’s about £6.00 an hour which, if you need to get a childminder 5 days a week, is a big financial commitment when you’re on a low wage.

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by CarmsMum on April 04, 2018 at 02:11PM

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