Premature Births / childcare

So my baby was born 13 weeks early. 

This was extremely hard time. We spent 3 months in NICU.

Unfortunately the government and employee make you start your maternity leave from the moment of birth.

depending on your companies maternity pay structure your pay basically starts to stop from the moment my baby came out of hospital.

i lost a lot of time with my little one being in the NICU. 

I only had a few months before I had to go back to work to support our family.

where as if my baby was born on time I would have all that time at home with them. 

The anixety and stress when they come home in unreal. All the medical issues, medication etc you have to deal with and then before you know it couple of months later SMP stops, and you’re left with nothing but to go to work. This gave me severe anxiety. I had to leave my baby who is not his corrected  age with a child minder and ensure all the medicines and stuff were administered correctly. Before I could build a bond with my tiny baby! ( my baby came home a tiny 5lb at 3 months old)

back and forth the hospital for check ups and injections etc. 

So my question is, can there be a extended pay if your baby is born before a certain gestation. My baby was born at 27 weeks. 

My other question is, can there be a certain amount of childcare paid for children younger than 3? not all parents can afford to stay off until their child is 3. I would even suggest maybe 1 or 2 days (8hours - 16 hours ) free childcare to get mums back into work. If I’m honest  I find it extremely frustrating that I have worked full time for my entire life and get nothing. I can not afford to drop hours in work as I have a mortage to pay for. When I see mums/ dads not working there should be no excuse if 16 hours of free child care was offered. ( I even think of a parent works less 16 hours are entitled to benefits) 


Why the contribution is important

To avoid post natal depression

severe anxiety 


being able to build that vital bond with your baby.

by Jones2810 on March 19, 2018 at 09:18AM

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  • Posted by NomesE March 22, 2018 at 20:01

    No experience of premature babies although I completely agree. It's so unfair that you don't get longer off. I also feel exactly the same about free childcare from much earlier on. I now have two children and it's so expensive as I get 2.5 hours for my son and nothing for my baby.
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