Positive public sector experience

Working mums are fully supported throughout pregnancy, maternity leave and return to work:

-Flexibility around antenatal appointments

-Option to reduce or condense hours 

-A fair pay structure, in addition to SMP

-Option to purchase extra annual leave

-Kept up to date with important developments within team and offered the opportunity for KIT days 

-Upon return, time allowed location provided for expressing milk

Why the contribution is important

I am a public sector worker (based in Swansea) who is about to return to work after a year on maternity leave with my first child. My experience has been 100% positive from an employment perspective. 

My employer has been fully supportive during pregnancy (allowing time for appointments and being flexible when I was feeling unwell), in planning my leave (happy for me to use a month of annual leave before maternity leave began) and in managing my return to work (completely flexible with requests for reduced and condensed hours and kept me in touch regarding new projects I might be interested in working on).

I have felt fully supported during my leave and feel very fortunate that I had a fair pay structure for much of my leave.

From chatting with other mums I think that my situation is relatively rare. 

I was also able to purchase extra annual leave which I intend to use to spend time with my child. 

Overall, a very positive experience that other organisations could learn from. 



by workingmam on March 17, 2018 at 07:49PM

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