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My first experience of maternity leave was a disappointing one, especially in view of where and for whom I worked - at the heart of Welsh democracy for an apparent champion of women. I returned to work following a pretty traumatic birth experience and weeks spent in a local neonatal unit as a result. The first few months of my leave were therefore emotional and stressful, with constant anxiety and worry about the next consultant appointment. While it wasn't easy, I did return to work following 9 months of maternity leave and a part of me was actually really looking forward to it. My employer invited me into the office for a chat ahead of me starting back, but instead of feeling motivated and excited about returning to my role, I left feeling totally dejected and apprehensive. We went through the niceties first then to be told that my role in the team had now changed and that I would not be relinquishing my previous responsibilities and instead be focusing on one, smaller, element of work within the team. Those roles would instead be taken on by a male member of the team who was extremely difficult to work with. While I was able to alter my working hours, to fit in with childcare I no longer felt a valued member of the team and also questioned how my role as set out in my contract, could be changed without prior warning. 

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Appearances can be deceptive and people do not always practice what they preach! 

by Jackpot100 on March 21, 2018 at 04:10PM

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