Miscarriage and returning to work

The vast majority of miscarriages take place before 12 weeks. Most women do not share their news with their families before this point, let alone their employers. This means that when a pregnancy ends in miscarriage it can be very difficult for women to take the time that they need to recover, both mentally and physically. Many women may not want their employer to be aware that they are trying for a baby and therefore they are being forced into a position where they are rushing back to work before they are ready. At present there is nothing in place to help women to take time off work without having to disclose their medical situation to their employer. There is also no guarantee that an employer will be sympathetic to the situation. Recents studies show that 40% of women who suffer a miscarriage will have symptoms of PTSD three months later. There is currently very little in place to look after women’s mental health after a miscarriage. Women being put in a position whereby they have to return to work before they are ready will only make it more likely that she experience more long term mental health issues. 

Why the contribution is important

It is important to consider the physical and mental impact of miscarriage and how women can be better supported through this difficult time. Current Heath care pays very little attention to the mental impact of miscarriage in particular. 

by Jessicaevans on April 10, 2018 at 09:34PM

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