Large employers should be forced to have childcare facilities for under 5’s

It is appalling in these times that large employers are able to ask staff to work varying hours but not give creche or nursery provision for parents with pre school age children. 

Nurseries in Cardiff only open 7.45am to 6pm and that is weekdays only in most cases.  

If the government want to help more parents work they need to be innovative about Childcare. They themselves do not have a childcare facility at the offices they own. Yet some NHS offices do. Most Universities and Colleges do and some large employers do. 

How as a single parent are you supposed to get to work for 8am if the private nurseries do not open until 7.45am?

How as a disabled parent are you supposed to get your child to nursery which (might be in a completely different location to your place of work as most private nurseries are full in the city) and get yourself to work on time on public transport because you can’t drive because of your disability? 

Employers should be forced to put in place a nursery or creche even if it is privately paid for by parents to enable parents to work in Wales.

Why is are the private nurseries being given the money from parents why isn’t this going back into businesses in Wales where parents work? 

My nursery is one of the cheapest in Cardiff £145 for 3 days. Earning minimum wage and paying for nursery is very difficult although there are tax credits they only pay up to 70 percent of nursery costs. So this means the rest comes from my minimum wage. Earning minimum wage means I do not qualify for benefits such as housing benefit or council tax so my child goes without a lot of things other children have so they can go to nursery and I can go to work. 

I have been told by the councils own debt advisory service I am £400 per month in deficit on my bills and I would be better off not working until he reaches school age. But I want to give my child a brighter future by working and showing him this is the right thing to do. I have a disability so I want to show him disabled people can still achieve .

Why can’t our government help working parents more? The 2.5 hours a day nursery free provision they are offering is shocking. How is a parent supposed to drop their child off and pick them up if they are working. I know many parents like me who cannot do this so have to pay for private nursery and are building up debt for having to do so.

In England just across the border in Bristol. My son is allowed 30 hours of free childcare per week and I could use this in a private nursery facility without cost to me. Why should I have to move to England to get help? All working parents should be treated equally in the UK. 

Why the contribution is important

To get more parents into the workforce.

To get more minority groups including disabled people into the workforce

To put the money private nurseries are getting back into employers or government pocket (private nusersies might not be providing the best standard of preschool education) 

To achieve a equal status for children in Wales as those children in England

To promote the Welsh Language in nurseries in Wales. If you get employers to provide nursery there can be a set standard of education provided to by these nurseries including some welsh learning from a very early age. 

To follow a system like they have in Germany and Hungary where all parents are given kindergarten which enables all parents the offer of being able to work. 

by Cardiff1 on March 15, 2018 at 07:04AM

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  • Posted by Helenteacher March 16, 2018 at 15:21

    We are definitely living in a flawed society when you’re financially better off if you don’t work. I do think it’s important to have benefits in place so that single parents can choose to stay home and care for their children, but those who choose to work should be supported. The current system of nursery care where 3 year olds get 2 and a half hours a day is utterly ridiculous, forcing parents to spend a fortune on wraparound care if they wish to work (or leave their child in private nursery, missing out on a year of meeting, socialising and learning with their future classmates).
  • Posted by mumofonepointfive March 20, 2018 at 13:21

    Strongly agree with this. I find it very hard to meet my commitments at work with the nursery hours available to me. Nursery fees are also crippling - I have a two year old and am currently pregnant with our second child. If our second child turns out to be twins our nursery fees to allow me to work 9-5 four days a week would rocket to more than £2,500 per month. Either my husband or I would be forced out of work, despite us being a relatively small sized family. Subsidised childcare for under 5s is urgently needed and should be available in Wales.
  • Posted by Jojo82 March 20, 2018 at 19:17

    Strongly agree with your point about the 2.5 hours being pointless if you are working. Our private nursery charges no less if your child attends for part of the day. It's no help at all.
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